The English Premier League 2017/18 game has in all ways been the toughest this season. The unexpected movement of renowned managers from their previous clubs like Pep Guardiola from Barcelona, Jose Mourinho from Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp from Borussia Dortmund and the Chelsea Italian Manager, Antonio Conte who took over from Guus Hinddik (the only replacement for Jose Mourinho at the point in time after his impromptu resignation from the club) have turned the focus, increasing the attention and interest of many in the game. Thus, many seek to compare, watch and criticize the performances of the club & players through their managers.

It is GW22 out of 38 games and Manchester City stands top with 62 points and 51 goal differences, leaving behind Manchester United with 22 goal difference and 15 points difference in 2nd position on the EPL table. With 16 games left to be played, with the setback of Man City players coz of injury, is it possible for Manchester United and Chelsea to meet up the pace?. Can the managers perform any miracle to close the gap?.
Pep Guardiola has proven to be master of the game as his migration from the Spanish league didn't hinder his performance in the EPL. With the recent ranking on the table, can it not be said that we already have a Premier League winner?. Who amongst the other clubs can relay Manchester City down?.

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-Marachi Egwim