Mkhitaryan made his first debut today in Arsenal and it ended not so well. Swansea welcomed him with a clapping defeat. No good start, sadly. Can't get into his head to know what he's thinking right now about Manchester United. Perhaps, he misses the club and wish he wasn't swapped. Only perhaps. Alexis on the otherhand would be like, 'Oh sorry Mkhitaryan 'Sorry, I had to make you feel a taste of the unwanted defeat I face in Arsenal'. Lol. It's all like a big joke having Swansea ground Arsenal 3goals. Do they miss Sanchez?. What could be wrong?. Giroud, I'm sure won't have any hesitation in running over to Chelsea for the 18m fee. It's just a funny night. I'm shocked at the defeat but am sure Arsenal fans ain't happy tonight. But the deed has been done. Who needs to save Arsenal now?. Well, the sea has swallowed Arsenal tonight. I hope they get a rescuer sooner. -Marachi