The most anticipated match between Arsenal and Chelsea ended draw today, 03rd January, 2018. Both teams played brilliantly well. It was indeed the clash of the titans as both teams played as though their lives were dependent on it. Of course, it was. Chelsea can't wait to be 2nd and Arsenal can't bear having Liverpool and Spurs topping them.

After much talks from Courtouis the keeper of Chelsea about his team being all round sound, fit and mentally ready for the match, I expected a strong barricade on the goal post even as the gunners struggled hard to equalize. Unfortunately, I saw the reverse as the gunners held possession throughout the match and even scored earlier, if not for the penalty shoot out...funny.

Hector Bellerin, having to score the 92' minute goal makes him my man of the match. Would pay to watch the looks on Conte's face when his side conceded the goal. In all forms, Arsenal vs Chelsea match is a great match to re-watch again. Ever seen someone wishing for a draw, with so much anxiety?. You just met me😂. Tonight was a great game night. Thanks to both clubs.
-Marachi Egwim