Countering the quick pace which Chelsea could impose on the game is Ernesto Valverde's biggest priority for Barcelona's trip to Stamford Bridge on Tuesday. The coach and his staff have analysed the Premier League side and know that they will play to their strength of trying to drown the Catalans in pressure and by looking to take advantage of the second balls. What is Valverde's formula to stop Chelsea not having success? His first condition is that the team is compact and together, that the lines don't seperate, allowing the English side to pick up the rebounds. As well as equalling the London side's intensity, they key is to not lose possession and to always be close to the ball. It's in Barca's interest to mark the rhythm of the game, to have the ball and to slow things down when it suite them. That is to say that Chelsea don't recover the ball quickly and win the second balls. Long balls could be common and both Busquets and Rakitic will have to be the players that make sure they're cut out before they reach the final third. Chelsea have a reputation for having a good defence, but Valverde and his staff are also aware of their attacking powers. The wing backs, Moses and Alonso, are another focus. In this sense, the Barca coach will have a special role for Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba to ensure they can't do damage down the flanks. Ref: All Football