The Red Devils today hosted the Blues in Old Trafford in a fierce high pressured match with the Red Devils coming from behind to defeat the Blues. The visitors held possession as they were first to take the lead through the goal by the Brazilian Chelsea swift skillful player Willian. LUKAKU'S EQUALISER Lukaku's equaliser was the perfect console therapy needed by the hosting team as it balanced the struggle for a victor between both teams. If Chelsea had won tonight, it would have been a great slap twice on the special one, Mourinho. And Conte will have the eyelided boss grin over the special one. That's how I see it. Lol. On WILLIAN AND HAZARD It was a persistent touch-lock on the both players as they served as key men players for the Blues. Hazard and Willians had impressive control on the game as they both contributed to the success of the first goal. Good team work. Conte was a hand back as he decided to substitute Hazard for Pedro in the second half of the game. I felt the substitution was a loosed and unnecessary one as it gave the leak needed by Manchester in putting to net the second goal. Morata Morata, in my own opinion was best to be substituted in the match as much wasn't seen of him in the game today. I felt he was a loose end to be tied but Conte, the great manager always knows best. Sometimes, our own trusted strategy just tends to fail us. That was the case of Conte today. SANCHEZ FIRST HALF MISS Sanchez, wasn't really a mark in the game also as his miss on the goal got me wondering, why really did we swap this guy for Henrihk M. His substitution was a welcomed factor needed to boost defence. LINGARD'S GOAL Lingard according to me is seen as the very 'special boy'. He is the best to be considered for victory goal lead. Minutes into the game and he netted the victory goal proves he is a workforce to be reckoned with and highly invested in. No selling out... Chelsea proved they were a real hard nut to crack as the held possession of the game throughout the 95' and Manchester United fell back to defence. I seriously do admire the playing and passionate spirit of Chelsea. Once they're in for it, they're in. They mean business. Tonight, the Reds narrowly escaped the claws of the Blues, landing them on the 2nd position with 59points on EPL table behind Man City.