Mourinho selection proved he wasn't stirred up on a victory.  His line up and adopted tactics flushed the game down the drain. Fans has always complained.

The victory of Sevilla was a clear betrayal on the trust of Manchester United fans. No one trusts his tactics anymore. Nothing seems special. The formation, totally unacceptable

He has been an unconcerned coach right from the 1st Leg result. He played Champions League like he never knew Champions League principles of away goal. He believed he could handle his home game which he does not know that it doesn't come by magic.

Further, he gambled his selection. I wonder why he put Mata, Pogba on the bench. Why hold sentiments over such a highly competitive match?.

Another disappointing substitution of his was Valencia. What was he thinking?. Someone help me out here.
Simply, he is stupid for his performance.

Poor coach. I don't expect him to win Champions League with Man United after he failed same test at such a big club as Real Madrid. I'm disappointed at the Special One.

He sold this match out!.
That's my opinion. I know not about yours.