In the most recent FIFA rankings, Nigeria has dropped a point from its last month's 47th position to 48th in the world and from 6th to 7th in Africa.

It is not in anyways surprising as the team's performance in the friendly games in preparation ahead of the World Cup tournament have been so far from impressive, loosing all matches played with poor performances.

The announcement on FIFA's site on Thursday said the ongoing whirlwind of pre-FIFA World Cup friendlies left its blemish on the most recent rankings. 

While the main three positions are unaltered as Germany, Brazil and Belguim sit individually, Russia-bound twosome of Poland and Uruguay have prevailing with regards to making progress inside the best top 20. 

Super Eagles World Cup Group D ties Argentina, Croatia and Iceland remain 5th, 20th and 22nd in their positions respectively.

In Africa, Tunisia moved down from 14th position in the previous rankings to 21 as the continent’s top ranked team.

Senegal followed in 27th place, while DR Congo remained on 38th with Russia-bound Morocco on 41st place and Egypt in 45th position.

Ghana, a non-participant at the World Cup moved three places to 47th and sixth in the region.

The next rankings will be released on July 19 after the world cup finals.

Ref: Insidebusinessonline