Argentina, football power house that once feared now feels regular, bids the question.. whats gone wrong?
Argentina like we all know has been a team built around one man, from the times of legendary Diego Maradona, to the times of Carlos Tevez to the present Lionel Messi.... all these were surrounded by players who worked for them or should we say worked for the team....

Would it be this present crop lack the work rate or should we say unity in the team?

This present team parades great players in the likes of Messi, Aguero, Dybala,
Icardi, Di Maria, Banega, Rojo, Damian,  and yet the threat level unlike what their predecessors carried is quite on the low. Leaving most teams with the mindset that Argentina is beatable.

Will this Copa America turnout well for them or would it be another below par competition for the once feared country Argentina?

leave your comments below on what you think the problem could be.