Manchester City are likely to fail in their appeal against a referral to UEFA's FFP disciplinary board, since UEFA's regulations only allow for such appeals against 'final decisions.'

City were referred by the governing body's investigatory chamber over alleged breaches of FFP rules earlier this year, but vehemently denied the allegations, slating them as 'entirely false' in a ​club statement.

Nonetheless, they were referred to a disciplinary panel after a ​recommendation from investigatory chamber suggested the accusations carried some weight, with the Club Financial Control Body set to make a decision in the coming weeks. ​City, however, ​appealed the referral to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, hoping to put an end to the matter. 

A report in the ​Guardian, however, explains that such referrals cannot be appealed, since the court only allows clubs to appeal against 'final decisions' by the CFCB, of which City haven't yet been issued.

It means they will likely have to wait until a verdict is reached before an appeal is considered, and if found in breach of regulations, it seems highly likely they will do so given how strong a stance they have taken on the matter.

The initial accusations originate from a series of leaks published in German outlet Der Spiegel, which outlined several potential breaches of regulation, but City soon ​rubbished them in a statement.  

"The accusation of financial irregularities remains entirely false and the CFCB IC referral ignores a comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence provided by Manchester City FC to the Chamber," they said in May. 

The club are yet to comment on the latest development, while UEFA refuse to comment until the matter is concluded.

source : 90mins