The Barcelona star says his three-year-old enjoys winding up several of his family members
Lionel Messi has confessed that his son Mateo cheers for Real Madrid to annoy his brother Tiago.

Mateo, who will turn four in September, chooses to take a contrarian position when it comes to his football allegiance, much to the annoyance of his older brother.

“Sometimes the television is on and he cheers Madrid’s goals. My son Tiago gets annoyed and Mateo cheers them to annoy him,” Messi told TyC Sports.

Mateo's ability to wind up his family members doesn't end with his brother, however, as Messi said his middle son has even made fun of his father over Barcelona's recent collapse against Liverpool in the Champions League.

"We were playing at home and were going for a kick-about. Mateo said to me ‘You’re Barca and I’m Liverpool, because I'll beat you’. He’s got a lot to learn,” he said with a laugh.
Messi is getting ready to represent Argentina at the Copa America in Brazil, but has played down his country's chances of winning the tournament.