The Premier League has released a statement in which they state unanimous opposition to proposed changes to the structure of both the Champions League and Europa League.

​UEFA officials are said to be considering drastic changes to the European competitions, including introducing a relegation and promotion system to both tournaments, staring in 2024.

However, in a statement published on their ​official website, the ​Premier League did not shy away from condemning such changes.

They wrote: "The Premier League and our clubs today unanimously reaffirmed our strong opposition to the proposed reform of UEFA club competitions from 2024, which would alter the structure, calendar and competitiveness of league football.

"We believe the proposals – particularly the suggested format and qualification criteria – would be detrimental to domestic leagues across the continent.

"There was unanimous agreement that the domestic game should continue to be the priority for professional clubs, and any changes to the football calendar must respect the requirements of domestic competitions. Critically, qualification for the ​UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League must continue to depend on current domestic performance.

"The clubs have asked the Premier League to now work with UEFA, fans and other stakeholders across Europe to identify constructive proposals which improve European club competitions without harming domestic football.

"Premier League clubs will represent these views at the European Club Association meeting in Malta on Thursday and Friday (6 and 7 June)."

Outgoing Premier League boss Richard Scudamore has previously spoken to ​BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek to express his concerns about what such changes could do to the game.

He said: “I actually think the ECA’s proposals, under the chairmanship of Mr Agnelli, from what I have seen so far, look completely out of order to me. If you go down Mr Agnelli’s proposed route, which is more European competition and less domestic competition, it is bound to harm those domestic leagues. Not just the Premier League but across the whole of Europe.

“Leagues are the cake, European competition is the icing on the cake. We should never turn it to be the other way around.”

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