With AFCON 2019 kick off last night.

The  hosts Egypt managed a one goal scoreline to secure their win over Zimbabwe in the opening match of the nations cup.

With Zimbabwe showing that they didnt come to Egypt to be among the number but to show they belong from their performance last night.

Earlier today the cranes of Uganda stunned every one by beating DR Congo 2-0.

Bearing that in mind one was to expect a tough time for the Nigerian Super Eagles oweing to the fact that in their last two preparotory matches for the tournament they failed to register a goal.

Seeing the starting lineup brought a little bit of hope, but as the match proceeded it was glaring that something was missing.

Our finishing was appalling let alone the striker was in a world of his own with no connection whatsoever from the midfield.

All thanks to the substitutes who brought in that much needed pace and zeal upfront.. end result... our first three points secured in the bag...  

Overall rating of the team 6/10

We hope they get better in  the next game against guinea