​Football can be a dangerous game sometimes. Without any warning, players can get injured after colliding with an opponent, or sometimes even just running. However, there are plenty of examples of footballers getting injured in other, stranger ways.

Often, a player isn't even playing football when they pick up the injury, which usually leaves fans scratching their heads and wondering how such an injury could even be possible.

Here is a classic example of a freak injury.

Adrian - Tackled by a Fan

It's been a funny few weeks for Adrian. Released by ​West Ham before being picked up by ​Liverpool, he was soon thrust into the first team following an injury to Alisson, and even saved the penalty which won his side the Super Cup. And then he celebrated.

The Liverpool players all huddled up with excitement, before a fan tried to join in the fun. The supporter slipped over en route, and ultimately ended up two-footing Adrian - something which Jurgen Klopp claimed ​could keep the Spaniard on the sidelines. ​

There's almost a delicious irony in the fact that this fan, in trying to celebrate a fantastic achievement from his club, could ultimately have caused Liverpool to fall behind in the ​Premier League title race so early in the season. Next time, maybe just stay sat down?

source: 90 mins.