Sometime last year, Ajax FC was the dreaded team of the tournament. the team nobody wanted to face because of their creativity, confidence and history.

Every opponent was run over, even the so called big boys in the reins of Juventus FC, Real Madrid FC and Bayern Munich FC.

Fast forward a year later. Same tournament different outcome. The Dutch champions couldn't make it past the group stage in this years competition.

What could have gone wrong?  Was it the sales of their captain De Jong and defender De Ligt that could have prompted this downturn of events ? Or could we say other clubs went back to strategise on how to play and overcome them?

Ajax would now feature in the Europa league for the rest of the european season provided they make it past the round of 32 draws to be known soon.

Would the fare better in the Europa League ?  Or would it be same fate that awaits them having to adjust to thursday night football?