The Nigerian football league now known as the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) after the switch of the FA name from Nigerian Football Association (NFA ) to Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) in 2009.

The league when it was being run by the football federation saw a deep in the league where there was much insecurity, no away wins, referees been beaten up, away fans been oppressed during matches and regular stadium violence, which led to the NFF creating an interim management company to run the affairs of its league, from planning to execution with the NFF overseeing its functions. 

Since the take over of the football league by the league management company in 2012 there seemed to be an improvement in the running of the league, we started experiencing away wins, tightened security during matches, players welfare package improved, and playing surfaces much more improved and the advent on broadcast on both terrestrial and international stations.

Fast forward 7 - 8 years later, it seems the problems have begun arising again, ranging from reduction in teams being able to win matches on away grounds, playing turfs not being maintained properly, issues with players salaries being owed, and no league broadcast rights yet implemented even after the LMC chairman stated the delay for the start was as a reason of concluding the deal.

The deal struck with the broadcast company NEXT TV sees them broadcast the league content via OTT (over the top transmission) which can be watching with the use of your mobile data and 9mobile being their official carrier.

According to the LMC chairman

He said the LMC has moved away from the old format of selling both broadcast production and distribution rights to partners and will in this dispensation participate in a joint venture for the production, distribution, sales and commercialisation of the broadcast assets with the new partner.
Next Digital Television, it was revealed, apart from putting down a commitment fee that covers the operation of the league, would be investing broadcast expertise deploying latest technology and human capital to produce games of the NPFL.
Dikko further revealed that at take-off, the games broadcast will be on Over The Top (OTT) transmision via mobile data to the public while the contents will also be available to terrestrial and cable television channels that are willing to buy content rights.
“What we have sought to achieve through this transaction is to provide the content, a uniform feed that will not necessarily be viewed only on Next TV.
“We intend to get all the matches live on TV, then market the content. Fortunately, now Nigeria have the broadcast regulations that has made provisions which ensures that these contents would be patronised by Nigerian networks. So the key thing is the content”, noted the LMC Chairman.

Questions arise to how many Nigerians would be willing to spend their data to watch our league matches when it seems the glitz and glamour are fading away quicker than expected?

League table so far.