Who really takes the blame when a football team under performs, the club management, coaching staff or the players?

A football team is made up of three tiers. The Board, The Coaching Staff and The Players.
Every tier of club football plays their role in ensuring they achieve the desired target and goals the club has set out to achieve for every season of top flight football.

The Board oversees the day by day running of the club, and handles the business affairs of the club with a bid to move the club to great heights while ensuring profit is made likewise. They make decisions that tend to steer the club in the direction they want it headed.

The Coaching Staff being hired by the board to handle the training of the players while preparing them for the challenges of the season ahead. Wherein such trainings include both physical, tactical and psychological.

The players are being bought by the board of a club to be trained by the coaching staff  hired by the club to enable them achieve desired results in terms of profiteering and performance. 

So it bids me to ask. who's really at fault when the fortunes of a club begin to dwindle?

The coaching staffs have always been the ones to take the blame on most occasions with the players being apportioned blames too in some situations but it always seem the board are always the saints every time even when they take wrong decisions during the transfers or hiring of man power they're always right.

So who really takes the blame?

we would like to hear your thoughts on who's to blame.