Bayern Munich is not a team, it's supposed to be a disciplinary committee. 

Bayern Munich is a threat.
Fifa should introduce a rule to stop the game if a team scores 5, so we won't see these 8. (Joking)

After watching tonight's game against Schalke, kudos ought to be given to Barcelona for atleast scoring 2 goals over their painful loss. That game, we'll always remember.

Bayern Munich humbled Schalke tonight with 8 goals to nothing. A pretty tough way to start the season.

Bayern Munich have matched up to be a more remarkable force in the football world with absolute impressive performance. This and more we hope to see in their league and in the forthcoming Champions League.

Football club managers should get themselves well prepared not to have themselves axed by their club owners whenever they fall victim to the swift play of the Bayern boys. 

They've proven lately to be the fastest link to having managers loose their jobs these days. 

We have history! Lol.

Welcome to cool football era.