Manchester United 1-3 Crystal Palace Football Club.  This was a humiliation.

A dismal start to the Premier League season for the Red Devils.

Manchester United was dismantled tonight. They lost 3-1 to Crystal Place at their home, Old Trafford.

Their new signing Ven De beek was able to find the back of the net at the 80th minute to save the team from a 3-0 defeat.

It is more humiliating that at their home front, Manchester United players couldn't hold their wage to protect their club from receiving a terrible defeat at home at the beginning of the season. This is truly not a proud way to start the season.

The chant 'Glory Glory United' is gradually fading from the lips of the Red Devil's fans as fans can no longer trust the effectiveness of the players on the pitch.

Manchester United players need to be reminded of past legends who stood for the club and what the club represents.

With a kick off as poor as this, it is difficult to tell if truly, Manchester United is ready for any league contest.

Where's thy Glory departed to, Manchester United?

Are thee headed towards Relegation?.

More matches would tell after the season.